About Us

"Intimate and unpretentious, the Auburn Gold Pan Ukulele Festival is one of the best little festivals out there. The attendees are enthusiastic and attentive- there is a real hunger to learn as well as an appetite for fun. It's great to see all-ages in attendance, both at the workshops and in the concert. Dani Joy's Pee-Wee Orchestra from the Strum Shop was a real highlight- a fantasy of what kids can do with a great leader. Ukulele is all about community, and the folks who put this one on really value a good time. It's a great place to visit and it makes you want to live there!"

— Heidi Swedberg


Our Approach

The Auburn Ukulele Festival has been going strong since 2011, evolving from a small seed into an annual event that is beloved by festival goers all over this great country. Past performers include Heidi Swedberg & Daniel Ward, Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee, Paul Hemmings, Fred & Lin Sokolow and Daniel Ho.


Our Story


Tickets for Auburn Ukulele Concert and Workshops available here.
The Jamboree is a free event.