Workshop Descriptions

Gentle Morning Yoga

Dani Joy

[ LEVEL 1 ]  — This 7am morning warm up class on the lawn will bring sunshine to your whole day, preparing you with ergonomic stretching, meditative fingerpicking techniques, deep breathing and finger aerobics to start you off with a little pep in your step!

Get the Basics

Budd Snell

[ LEVEL 1 ]  — Enjoy this absolute beginning ukulele class and learn how to play music for fun. This class includes “how to” (bring your uke), “Tips and Tricks or Beginners” (bring your fingers and brain), and resources and guides. Get your strum on everyday - starting today!


Cliff Johnson

[ LEVEL 1.5 ]  — Learn some simple, easy-to-do embellishments that will be fun to do, improve how your playing sounds, and make you sound like you’re more advanced than you are.


Finding Harmony on Simple Songs

Lorrie Freitas

[ LEVEL 2 ]  — One way to add interest and depth to playing the ukulele and singing with others is to find harmony on your ukulele and in your voice. There are easy ways to find harmony within the chords you ‘re already playing and maybe one or two up the fretboard. This class may expand your playing and singing in several ways. This is an experience for those who like making music together with others.


Friends in Low Places

Perry Stauffer

[ LEVEL 2 ]  — Join us on bass as we explore the role of the bass line in vintage and contemporary music. We will discuss how to build a walking bass line that carries thru the progression of a song, along with the function of the deeper tones of music.


Riffin’ the Good Life

Dani Joy

[ LEVEL 3 ]  — Learn a few universal riffs in this class to give your playing that extra umph! Styles covered include Hawai’ian vamp & blues. We’ll do octave slides, ghost notes, and hammers and bends, baby! Express Yourself!


Intermediate techniques

Aldrine Guerrero

[ LEVEL 3 ]  — Learn some picking techniques like bends, hammer pulls, and much more. We'll put our new tricks to good use and learn 2 songs to use them in.

Flamenco Ukulele, OLE!

Julie Holloman

[ LEVEL 3+]  — Learn the AWESOME lick from the Malaguena Regional style. You only need 2 chords! Learn 5 basic right hand techniques--thumb strokes, arpeggios, rest strokes, rasgueados.and tremolos. Apply these techniques to your AWESOME lick. Begin Sevillanas 1. Learn how to use these techniques in your every-day playing--OLE! 


Make It Blue

Carla Fontanilla

[ LEVEL 3+ ]  — This class teaches intermediate players 12-bar blues variations using triads, arpeggios and scales to enhance their phrasing and chord voicings. Students will integrate “feel” into their blues playing by integrating triad chord “zones” and the scales most closely tied to Blues playing.  Rhythm and strumming accompaniment will also be covered.


Exploring Chord Melody

Carla Fontanilla

[ LEVEL 3+ ]  — Students learn to incorporate a tune’s melody and harmony by harmonizing chords under the melody, replacing or substituting straight chords with jazz chords. Split Strumming and walking bass lines will be presented to further demonstrate how the melding of chords, melody, rhythm and percussion bring new dimensions to uke playing. Instructor will use both high- and low-G stringed ukes for this workshop.


Got A Song In My Heart, Where Do I Start?

Mariann Smith

[ LEVEL 1-4 ]  — If you ever wanted to create a song, or experience the process of Songwriting, come along and join the fun!


Hawaiian Ukulele

Aldrine Guerrero

[ LEVEL 1-4 ]  — Learn vamps, strumming patterns and techniques, and pronunciation for 2 Hawaiian songs.





Once you purchase a Festival pass, then attend whichever workshops you like.
No pre-registration required.


Level 1: Beginner

Welcome! You are in this most exciting phase of the learning curve until you can move between chord changes and keep a beat. Get fluent with (at least) your C, F, and G7 and then head to the next level.

LEVEL 2: Early Intermediate

Now you’re a player, but chord diagrams over the words are still a must. Your job here is to master B-flat, get some strums under your belt and grow into your instrument—this is when you truly learn how to practice.

LEVEL 3: Experienced Intermediate

Look at you, singing and strumming at the same time! You know a bunch of chords and are ready to use them. Time to dig in and learn some exciting techniques, and maybe venture further up the neck. Be proud of yourself, this is a fine plateau to reach.

LEVEL 4: Advanced

You can hear changes, you know some barre and closed chords, and have toured the real estate above the fifth  fret. You are unafraid of the tricky stuff, ready to sit with the big kids. When things go over your head, watch and listen closely, then take your new ideas home to practice.

* * * * *

These ukulele workshop levels have been taken from a magazine article by Heidi Swedberg. In the article Heidi also helpfully outlines a list of things to bring, along with advise from many excellent ukulele teachers on what to expect at an Ukulele Festival. For the full article click here.